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Why should I open an AMain Hobbies franchise instead of opening an independent hobby shop?

We have exclusive programs with distributors and manufacturers, and our national buying power provides you with discounted dealer pricing, terms, and freight allowances. Our proprietary products provide market differentiation and deliver significantly higher than industry standard profit margins to put more money to your bottom line. Our exclusive SMART POS (point-of-sale) system is rated as one of the greatest values of owning a franchise. As an inventory management and purchasing tool, the SMART suite provides efficient and effective processes to manage an otherwise complicated task. With remote capabilities, inventory and ordering management can be done from the comfort of your home or easily accessible when traveling. We maintain a comprehensive database of product SKUs that are updated regularly to provide you with timely information regarding pricing, availability, and rating based on our national sales. Our experienced corporate support staff is available to assist in all aspects of daily store operations, such as I/T and computer network support, inventory analysis, product support, cash management, staff scheduling, third party resources, etc. Our franchise services support can provide monthly income statement preparation and an optional accounts payable service.

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