About Us

Our Mission: Sharing the Fun, Camaraderie, and Joy of High Performance Sports and Hobbies with our Customers.

The AMain Hobbies story begins in Chico, California. Kendall and Kelly Bennett began with an online RC hobby shop in 2004. The business has now grown into a 50,000 square foot building that holds the distribution center and offices, and located a mile from the main business, is our retail store and our Silver Dollar RC Raceway.

As we continue to grow to meet the needs of hobby enthusiasts and brand fans, our Franchise Owners keep pace by providing unparalleled customer service, achieving higher than industry average inventory turns and retail sales per square foot. In our stores and through our e-commerce site, we are constantly testing new products and technologies to increase sales. We grow through innovation, and our Franchise Owners are empowered to explore new product ideas and make independent buying decisions. In turn, we provide them with business intelligence and national sales data to help them optimize their inventory strategies.

Our Vision

We have become the foremost resource and destination those who want to help friends and family share in the fun. We embrace, support, and maximize the strengths and diversity of each Franchise Owner.

Our Core Values

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We Bring It Every Day

We energetically share our passion for hobbies with contagious enthusiasm. Customers will always enjoy an exceptional shopping experience that exceeds expectations. Bringing it is not a spectator sport, bringing it is making (not watching) things happen.
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Cultivate Growth

We believe growth is achieved by exceeding the expectations of each individual customer. We relentlessly pursue the development of ourselves and others to foster growth. We believe growth is a process that requires consistent effort.
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Lead & Serve

We lead by aspiring to be our best and giving our best to others at all times. We serve by always maintaining a positive and welcoming environment for all. We aspire to be an asset to our community by making free time awesome!
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Keep Calm & Hobby On

Wisdom and knowledge come with experience. In the face of adversity, we stay calm and focused on finding a solution or a better way. We always seek to first understand, act, then hobby on.


  • Kendall Bennett, CEO/Co-Founder/Co-Owner

    Kendall Bennett, CEO/Co-Founder/Co-Owner

    Kendall Bennett started ‘A Main Hobbies’ (as it was known then) out of the garage of his home in Chico, California in 2004. It has since grown to employ over 80 employees. Prior to AMain, Kendall was CEO and founder of SciTech Software, Inc., from 1993 to late 2007. He received his higher education at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia. He completed his Bachelor’s of Computer Science Degree at the top of his class in 1991. Kendall’s childhood love of flying remote-controlled airplanes, added to his passion for racing remote-controlled cars, fueled the start of AMain. He saw a need for an online shopping experience for those who race remote controlled cars that was based on providing a great customer experience, great prices, and great selection. Kendall’s unique background in computer programming, along with having a wife with a background in customer service, retail, and human resources, allowed for AMain to grow into the trusted retailer it is today.
  • Kelly Bennett, Chief People Officer (CPO)/Co-Founder/Co-Owner

    Kelly Bennett, Chief People Officer (CPO)/Co-Founder/Co-Owner

    When we started AMain in 2004, I basically was a ‘Jack of All Trades’ and did the inventory stocking, customer service, product photography, shipping and returns, and financial accounting. My background before then was working for various retail stores, customer service, and human resources positions. I obtained my Associates Degree in 2004, but ended up dropping out of Chico State University once AMain started to take off and needed my full-time focus. Fast forward to 2016, with 80+ employees hired, and now I am able to focus on my current role as Chief People Officer. Basically, I run the Human Resources Department, but spend more time with developing and sustaining a healthy culture, ‘Share the Fun’, environment at AMain. One of my goals is to develop a business environment where people feel valued, fulfilled, and happy. When I’m not at work, I like to spend time with my husband, Kendall Bennett (CEO of AMain), and my daughter, Meagan, who is six years old and just entered 1st Grade. My hobbies are creating art, writing, gardening, reading, cooking, and relaxing (which consists of meditation and/or sleeping).
  • Kevin Kiser, CFO

    Kevin Kiser, CFO

    Kevin Kiser has served in various capacities since joining A Main in 2010. With a background in public accounting, Kevin began in the role of Controller and continues to oversee the accounting functions at a higher level as CFO.  Over the years, Kevin has assumed many of the day to day operational duties from Kendall and currently manages product acquisition and development, merchandising and marketing for both the Radio Control and Cycling verticals.